Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cruise Itinerary!

For those of you interested in following our cruise, I am posting our itinerary on our blog.   During our cruise, I will post updates of our cruise experience.  Check out our blog for the latest!

Mike & Sidney

TueFeb17Los Angeles (San Pedro), CA8:00pm
WedFeb18At Sea
ThuFeb19San Francisco, CA7:00am10:00pm
FriFeb20At Sea
SatFeb21At Sea
SunFeb22At Sea
MonFeb23At Sea
TueFeb24Honolulu, Oahu, HI7:00am5:00pm
WedFeb25At Sea
ThuFeb26At Sea
FriFeb27Cross International Dateline (Cruising)
SunMar1At Sea
MonMar2Apia, Samoa8:00am5:00pm
TueMar3At Sea
WedMar4Suva, Fiji9:00am5:00pm
ThuMar5At Sea
FriMar6Port-Vila, Vanuatu8:00am5:00pm
SatMar7At Sea
SunMar8At Sea
MonMar9Brisbane, Australia9:00am7:00pm
TueMar10At Sea
WedMar11Sydney, Australia8:00am
ThuMar12Sydney, Australia11:00pm
FriMar13At Sea
SatMar14At Sea
SunMar15At Sea
MonMar16Akaroa, New Zealand8:00am6:00pm
TueMar17Wellington, New Zealand8:00am6:00pm
WedMar18At Sea
ThuMar19Auckland, New Zealand7:00am8:00pm
FriMar20Cross International Dateline (Cruising)
SatMar21At Sea
SunMar22Rarotonga, Cook Islands8:00am5:00pm
MonMar23At Sea
TueMar24Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands9:00am5:00pm
WedMar25Bora Bora, Society Islands5:00am5:00pm
ThuMar26At Sea
FriMar27At Sea
SatMar28At Sea
SunMar29At Sea
MonMar30Hilo, Hawaii, HI7:00am5:00pm
TueMar31Kahului, Maui, HI7:00am5:00pm
WedApr1At Sea
ThuApr2At Sea
FriApr3At Sea
SatApr4At Sea
SunApr5At Sea
MonApr6Los Angeles (San Pedro), CA7:00am

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Another Quilt Top

I recently completed another quilt top.  I am selling it to a friend in town.  
I'm actually glad as I didn't need another quilt!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blanding Home - 2014

I wish I would have started taking pictures of our Blanding home the year we moved here because we have done SO MUCH to this home since.  I decided to take a couple of pictures for 2014, especially because we made enough changes that cosmetically changed the look of the home...

New windows and a new front door...

This picture probably shows the best view of our  new living room window and front door.  We also had the old white fence in the front yard removed.

I was trying for a full lot view, but we have a big tree in the picture.  I happen to love that tree!

Some day, you will be able to tell that we have lilac bushes growing on the right side fence line of our home.  For now, it still looks like weeks!
This blog is basically becoming a record of my quilts.  It's okay with me.  At least I have a photo of them!

This first quilt I bought fabric for quite a while ago.  Afterwards, I realized that I didn't like red/white/blue quilts.  So, I never made it.  I had someone in town, whom I've sold quilt tops to in the past, ask if I had any for sale.  I didn't have one made, as I haven't sewn a lot this past year, but I knew immediately that this would be the quilt for her.  It was!  She loved it.  

This quilt is a Tumbler Quilt.  It was very easy to make, easier than I had expected!  I was inspired by Sebrina Brown, the 11 year old whom I have taught at quilt camp the past two years.  She made a tumbler quilt last May.  It turned out so cute that I decided that I would make one as well.  I had lots of fabrics around and thus created this quilt.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stained Glass Quilt Top

I recently completed this Stained Glass Quilt Top and posted it on Etsy.  My shop receives a lot of hits when I have a Stained Glass Quilt listed.  It was only out there about three weeks and it sold.  I am so happy!

Don't you like how the sunshine is creating that stained glass affect?!?

I have decided to close my Etsy shop for a season.  I don't know how long that will be.  Maybe a season will equal 'forever'.  I don't know.  I still have items that I want to sell.  Maybe I'll take these quilt tops over to Kathleen's shop and see if I could sell them over there.  I am ready to have the tops sold and out of my home.  I like sewing, but I don't need all of these quilts!

Monday, June 9, 2014

4-H Quilt Camp

Grayson Country Quilters co-sponsors a quilt camp with 4-H each summer.  It was held on May 30 and 31, 2014 at the Blanding Arts and Events Center.  I assisted Sebrina Brown this year.  We were partners last year too. 

Her tumbler quilt was challenging.  I honestly didn't think we'd finish it.  Before we left the first day, I had her stack each row, so we could just sew the next day.  When I came home and sat down, I realized that I had her stack double the amount of rows we needed.  With this knowledge, I realized that we would easily finish by the end of the next day.  We did, we were done by noon!  I was so tired!  But, her quilt turned out darling!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


While up in Salt Lake, I've been cleaning and packing up our home on Laurelhurst.  We are going to put it on the market in the spring.  I found this doll bed with a mattress and pillow that I was given as a child.  Instead of moving it to Blanding and storing it for another 50 years, I decided to sell it. 
I had visions of painting it white, making a new covers for the mattress and pillow and cute doll blanket, but that never happened.  (I'm sure it would have had I had any children!)
The mother who bought it said it reminded her of a wooden doll bed she had as a child and was absolutely thrilled to purchase it.  I am so glad that I listed it today on ksl.com.  I have to admit, I enjoy selling items that I don't use any more and someone else will enjoy.  As the left, the mother said, "This will be our family heirloom!"